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Get registered and supply or purchase goods and services online while deterring occurrence of corruption and nepotism.

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Check out products and services from different suppliers and service providers and compare the instant quotations that you will recieve.


School Materials

Suppliers of equipment for Kindergarten, Elementary School, Middle School & High School and College.


Office Materials

Paper & Stationery Supplies, Filing Supplies, Office Equipment and Office Supplies


Construction Materials

Blocks, Doors, Electrical systems and Equipment, Surface Finishing, Metals, Wood, Carpentry, Windows and more


Sports Material

Game equipment, Footwear, Protective equipment, Training equipment and more


Electronics Material

Soldering Materials, PCB Chemicals, PCB Repairing Material, Electronic Materials for ESD Protection



Printerables and Design.

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Tenderite Offers

Costing Application

This is a master costing software package application and can be used by institutions or individuals to source quotations online to deter any occurrence of corruption, biasness, prejudice or unfairness.

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Database of Suppliers

We offer a large pool of suppliers and service providers, their trade items as well as their current prices.

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One Click Quotation Generation and Order

Tenderite enables users to generate desired number of quotations for products or services so that they can compare and make informed procurement decisions while maintaining a zero tolerance on curruption, nepotism, prejudice and unfairness.

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